Don’t be “that guy” this Thanksgiving…

Thanksgiving is finally here !  It should be a day spent with family and friends, enjoying great food, and enjoying the same old stories that can still make you laugh no matter how many times you’ve heard them.  I love fitness, and I am thankful for every single person in my life that allows me to do it everyday as my “job.”  However there are just some days that are meant to be enjoyed.  So here’s a list of things to NOT do tomorrow to avoid being “that guy”

1.  Your grandma doesn’t care if you are “paleo”.

So please… spare her the explanation that caveman didn’t have stuffing and for that reason you won’t be having any.  Whomever made it probably took a lot of pride in making it so have a piece, tell them how much you loved it and let them enjoy that they’ve made you happy. And let’s face it, it’s delicious.



2.  Don’t post on social media about how your Thanksgiving workout makes you better than those who chose to stay home. #NoDaysOff  

 Every year I see Instagram pics or Facebook posts about how  “you’re gettin’ fat and I’m gettin trim” or… “Turkey Day or not, no excuses..”   I’m all for getting a workout a Thanksgiving workout in. We host one ourselves at Aspire Fitness.  But the reason we do it is to show thanks to the community we are a part of and to have a fun time with family and friends. Perhaps burn off some extra calories before the “feast”.

3.  Enough with the “healthy desserts” 

 If you have a food allergy and need to make a gluten free dessert than go for it. But other than that, there is absolutely no reason to try to make a gluten free, sugar free, dairy free, grain free, apple free,  Apple Pie!  There are 364 other days during the year where we can try to adhere to sound nutrition guidelines and clean up a dessert but Thanksgiving?!?! That’s the day you want to try and clean it up?  Sit back and enjoy a piece of your favorite dessert with family and friends. Be thankful you have your health to enjoy it and get back to the plan Friday morning.

And finally… something that has nothing to do with fitness…

4.  Put the cellphone away for the day… 

I’m plugged in more than anyone I know.  I’m always posting on Instagram/ Facebook etc but for one day try to be that engaged in those around you.  Posting, updating, sharing all that stuff is great and has a great ROI. But Gary Vaynerchuk said it best… “What’s the ROI on your mom?”  Spend the day “liking” and “sharing” stories with you friends and family, not on Facebook.


We hope you all enjoyed this lighthearted post.  If you enjoyed in and think a friend or family member might too, feel free to share it… just not at the dinner table!

Rainer and I are both sincerely thankful for you all allowing us to carry out our passion for fitness everyday. Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your families!

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