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Brian Bott - Founder

At Aspire Fitness it is our mission to create an environment and culture in our gym that best promotes the success of each of our members. Having both worked in traditional big box gyms, we became increasingly frustrated with the emphasis of flooding the gym with cheap memberships that rely on the member not showing up to make the business work. So we set out to make a change. Every member at Aspire Fitness is a VIP. Whether you just take group classes, train privately 4 times per week with a coach, or are just dropping in for a workout with a friend, we guarantee that our coaches and staff are there to make sure you are getting closer to your goals.
All of our members receive some level of coaching on proper planning, mindset, as well as nutrition to ensure we are choosing the best strategy to help them reach their goals. Additionally, anytime that you come in to Aspire Fitness you will have a coach available to assist you. Whether you are in a session, taking a class, or doing your program on your own there is always a coach available to help. To ensure we are delivering the highest level of service possible we are continually improving upon our education. All Aspire Fitness coaches attend 4 seminars each year. In addition to this, each year we close the gym for 2 days and pay for our team to go the Perform Better Training Summit in Providence Rhode Island. If a better way to deliver client’s results is developed, you can be sure you that we will be studying it, mastering it, and implementing it for our members. Finally, we believe fitness is for everyone and should better your life OUTSIDE of the gym. Regardless of age or ability if you are committed to a better you and willing to make change, we are committed to providing you a challenging but fun and safe environment to do so.

OUR coaches

Brian Bott


Professional Qualifications and Continuing Education:

Graduated with honors in 2007 with BS in Exercise Physiology from Rutgers Univesity. Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC) through world renowned coach Mike Boyle. Advanced Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Certified Functional Range Conditioning Mobility Specialist (FRC ms)
Crossfit Level One Certified
Precision Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach
Fat Loss Programming and Coaching under Alwyn Cosgrove and the Results Fitness team.
Co-Author of Amazon Best Selling Book “Get With The Program”

Personal Accomplishments

Two elite totals in Powerlifting in both the 198 and 181lb weight classes
Best lifts include a 725lb Squat; 440 Bench; and 585 Deadlift.
Placed 2nd in the 2013 NorthEast America and Body BodyBuilding Competition.

Adam Epstein


Professional Qualifications and Continuing Education:

Certified Personal Trainer - NASM TRX Certified Trainer Perform Better Training Summit Bachelor's Degree - Rutgers University

About Adam

Adam’s life growing up revolved around sports. He still plays baseball and ice hockey in competitive men’s leagues and is the manager of the NJ Aztecs baseball team. Adam also enjoys endurance racing and has completed several half-marathons, sprint triathlons, and Spartan Races. Adam’s interest in fitness came during his offseason training and he decided to turn this passion into a career.

Sean Adasczik


Professional Qualifications and Continuing Education:

NASM Certified Coach
Advanced Functional Movement Specialist (FMS)
StrongFirst Level 1 Certifie
Kettlebell Trainer
Indian Club Specialist Precision
Nutrition Certified Nutrition Coach

Sean lived in Colorado for 3 years and lost 80 lbs. from living the outdoor lifestyle. He enjoys hiking, biking, skiing, kayaking, & trail running. He competed in his first powerlifting meet summer 2016 and enjoys Spartan races and mud runs.

Dori Kershner


Professional Qualifications and Continuing Education:

FMS Level 1 Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC) Precision Nutrition Level 1 BA Rutgers College, 1997

Personal Accomplishments

Dori is the mother of two beautiful girls. As an active mom and business person, fitness has always been a priority for Dori. After closing her retail business of 10 years, Dori made the decision to pursue fitness as a career. Being at Aspire, coaching clients, is a rewarding privilege that inspires Dori to keep growing, learning and improving, becoming a better coach, mom and human being.

John Drury


Professional Qualifications and Continuing Education:

- Bachelors in International Business from Towson University
- Certified Functional Strength Coach (CFSC)
- Crossfit Level 1

John has been involved in athletics his entire life, from playing baseball and soccer as a kid, to discovering the sport of rugby in high school. John played rugby at Towson University and continued for another 11 seasons with the division one Baltimore Chesapeake Men’s Club. It was during his time playing rugby that John fell in love with fitness, discovering what it could do for him physically and mentally. John lives in Spring Lake with his wife Laura, daughter Leila, son Logan, and two dogs.

Lauren Dabal

Office Manager

Growing up the youngest sibling with 2 older brothers (and a dad with a makeshift home gym in the basement), Lauren was raised in a competitive, sports-centered environment where she learned the importance of consistently leading an active, healthy lifestyle from a very early age.

Before becoming manager of Aspire Fitness in 2021, Lauren was actually one of our long-time members while pursuing a career in specialty coffee. Although she didn’t initially plan to pivot into the fitness industry full-time, the opportunity to work alongside Brian, Adam and the rest of the Aspire Fitness team was a no brainer – being surrounded by so many individuals from different walks of life with the common goal of improving their health and fitness has been a constant source of motivation and inspiration to keep her moving forward both mentally and physically.

Outside of Aspire, Lauren is a (crazy) dog mom, mental-health advocate, freelance portrait artist, coffee hobbyist, podcast junkie, dessert enthusiast & lover of the outdoors.

Danny Shields


I have recently started on a journey of personal growth and transformation. After dedicating years to bartending in the restaurant industry, I decided it was time to make a lifestyle change. This allowed me to finally pursue something I have always been extremely passionate about, and that is health and fitness. Now, to say this was a complete 180 is an understatement.

After being long overshadowed by a demanding bar schedule and taxing work environment, something clicked one day where I was faced with making a decision that was crucial to my health and lifestyle. I desperately wanted to dedicate time to my fitness, nutrition, sleep, and overall wellness but did not have the time or social support to do so.
Today I can say with great pride that I am finally prioritizing what makes my mind and body happy. With that, I realize my story could translate to the difficulties others face with making the hard decisions to prioritize their health and wellness. Leaving a place of comfort and complacence is difficult but almost ALWAYS leads to growth. I look forward to motivating all of my clients to step out of their comfort zone, challenge themselves, and make lifestyle changes to positively impact their quality of life.
So far I have expanded my credentials to achieving both Certified Functional Strength Coach and Pain Free Performance Specialist certifications. I am eager to continue expanding my knowledge in this industry to further educate myself and others!

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