Check Your Form: Pushups

Push-ups are a classic exercise for building upper body strength, but their true power lies in executing them with proper form. 

In this post, we’ll explore the  benefits of mastering this classic movement:

1. Comprehensive Upper Body Strength:
Performing push-ups with correct form engages chest, shoulders, triceps, and core muscles, leading to balanced strength development across your upper body.

2. Core Stability and Balance:
The plank-like position in a proper push-up strengthens core muscles, improving stability, posture, and reducing the risk of lower back pain.

3. Joint Health and Injury Prevention:
Proper form reduces stress on shoulder joints and wrists, promoting healthy shoulder mobility, stability, and minimizing injury risks.

4. Functional Movement Mastery:
Mastering push-ups translates to improved real-world movements, enhancing overall physical capability and confidence in daily activities.

Watch the video below for a demonstration from Coach Caity:

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