2022 Holiday Prep Program

a program designed to help you show up to thanksgiving 5-10 lbs leaner!


Believe it or not, in just 8 weeks it will already be Thanksgiving. Just four weeks after that comes Christmas. Then, just a week later we will ring in the New Year.


There’s constant debate about how much weight the average American will gain during that time period, but one thing is certain: Whether it is 1lb or 10lbs, the weight that we do gain comes during those holiday months. And we never lose it…


Our bodies, our health, our well-being are nothing but the results of our daily habits. For better or worse we’ve all developed a set of habits that have brought us to where we are right now.  The only way we CHANGE our bodies , IMPROVE our health, RESTORE our well-being is by changing these our daily habits.


Our Holiday Prep Program is designed to do just that. I view training and goal setting as a series of phases.  This stretch of 6-8 weeks before the holidays for me is always centered around cleaning up some bad habits from the Summer and getting a bit leaner before it’s time for cookies and holiday parties.


Adopting new habits during the holidays is not impossible, but for most people it’s extremely difficult. MAINTAINING habits you’ve already built, however, is much different. Our goal during this six-week program is to get back on track towards your goals. We’ll help you instill habits that will kick start fat loss, increase strength, and prepare you to face the holidays head-on in your best shape yet. 


Habit change and accountability–it’s not sexy. I get it. It’d be much easier to market and write ad copy for a 14-day cleanse that promises to reset your microbiome, burn body fat, build muscle, and whiten your teeth all at the same time. But ask yourself: when’s the last time you’ve seen someone do a program like that and make it last? Don’t fall for the gimmicks, there’s no “quick fix.” There is no “reset”. You have to “DO THE WORK”  Aspire Fitness is here to make sure you do.


This isn’t a cookie cutter program you download from the internet. There is no meal plan and there are no special shakes you need. This is coaching.

Each participant will have an initial consultation with their coach to better understand where you are now and what your goals are moving forward. Based on that conversation, your coach will work with you to design a nutrition course of action that is right for you to progress.  But what’s a plan without accountability?  Your coach will check in with you daily to ensure you are on track with your plan. Our goal by the end of these 6 weeks is to make sure you nail these habits 90% of the time. I’ve yet to work with a client who follows their habits 90% of the time who doesn’t get the results they were looking for. 

You’ll also meet with our Head Coach who will help ensure you have a customized plan of attack for your workouts. For most of our clients, success during this program looks like four workouts per week. Generally, our most successful clients average 3 workouts per week, but for this program we need a little extra push so that when times get busier we can back down to 3 with no problem.

The program starts October 10th and runs up to the week of Thanksgiving.  Due to the amount of individual coaching for this program, SPACE IS LIMITED to the first 20 people that enroll.

*There is separate pricing for members and non-members*


As always…

Keep Moving Forward,

Brian Bott, Founder, Aspire Fitness

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