The Magic of Ozempic and WeGovy

The Magic of Ozempic and WeGovy

If you HAVEN’T heard of Ozempic and WeGovy, I’m sure it will come up at the next few family gatherings or cocktail parties so I’ll explain.. 

Ozempic and WeGovy are brand names for a drug called Semaglutide. Semaglutide was originally designed to help treat Type II Diabetes, and has a wonderful side effect of weight loss. In short, it helps your pancreas secrete the proper amount of insulin in response to blood sugar levels.

I’m not a doctor, and am not here to discuss if this drug is appropriate for you or anyone else, nor am I in any position to discuss any risks or side effects.. I do think in certain situations, medical intervention is a powerful tool when looking to improve health and fitness.  If modern medicine is able to assist overweight people with appetite regulation and other side effects of obesity, I think it’s a discussion meant for a patient and their doctor.

Here’s what I will say…

Semaglutide is NOT a magic pill. (or shot)

Semaglutide WILL NOT keep you strong as you age. You still need to strength train. 

It WILL NOT  keep you mobile so that you will move well and decrease risk of injury. You still need to perform training and mobility work to stay limber and ambulatory.

It WILL NOT improve your cardiovascular fitness so that you can do the things you enjoy longer and with more energy.

And finally, it WILL NOT teach you to eat foods rich with vitamins,minerals and protein to keep your body running efficiently. 

The need to embrace the habits of strength training, movement that you enjoy, and better nutrition will never be replaced by medicine.

At least not that I envision. 

While advances in medicine may bring great help to many, there is inherent danger when we focus solely on “WEIGHT LOSS” vs. total health and fitness. When a drug like Semaglutide comes along it becomes  too easy to forget about the importance of exercise, nutrition and mobility.

I know better, you know better, we know better.

Keep Moving Forward,


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