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I’m so grateful to have found Aspire!

I am a working mother of three kids who’s previous fitness life included powerlifting and Crossfit. Over the past few years I decided to work that experience into something more sustainable and focus on general fitness and longevity. Aspire has been the perfect place to do this: The coach’s programming is top notch and I trust them in all seasons of my athletic life! For example when I injured my knee after Christmas this year, they kept memoving safely throughout my entire recovery.

Aspire is also where I was introduced to the StrongFirst Tactical Strength Competitions which has given me a new purpose in training and new fun sport to pursue. I feel like an overall much more well-rounded athlete after less than a year at Aspire. Aspire is a home for people of all ages and athletic backgrounds, and I genuinely love all of the coaches and staff and seeing their smiling faces. Whether you are an actual competing athlete, or just a middle-aged recreational athlete like me, there is room for you here!

Bethany’s story

“The trainers at Aspire Fitness NJ are sneaky – and in the BEST way! You don’t realize how much they are guiding you to new (beneficial) behaviors until it is too late. Once the behaviors are ‘baked in’, you can’t help but — work out safer and consistently, eat better, develop muscles, get leaner, sleep deeper, look younger, glow, and simply feel invincible! One of my best decisions was to join this gym for me and my family. I never knew I could be this strong or healthy. Best gym – PERIOD!”

Karin’s story

“I joined Aspire Fitness in 2016. My sister-in-law had joined Aspire the beginning of that year. I was so amazed at how healthy and strong/fit she looked. She told me about a new fitness challenge starting soon. I decided to give it a try for the 6 weeks. So I did.
For me it was hard because I was tired and had no strength after under going my last cancer treatment. I am a 2 time cancer survivor – diagnosed 2 years apart. I had undergone chemo both times, several surgeries, radiation, even blood and platelet transfusions. My cancer treatments took a toll on my body and I was still feeling the effects 1 year after my last treatment.
I went 5 days in a row each and every week. I was even more tired at first and so, so sore but I stuck with it. When the challenge was over I decided to join. Before I knew it, I began to gain some strength and started to see my body change. Several years later, I feel amazing and I feel the strongest I’ve ever been.
Aspire Fitness for me has been a new life style. It was a big part of my healing process and now it’s a big part of my health and wellness. Brian Bott and all the coaches have been amazing. All the members are so supportive and I love being part of the Aspire Fitness Community!”

Debbie’s story

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